open Studios at Level Five 15/5/2022 at 3 locations

On May 15, artist cooperative Level Five will open its doors to the public at  3 locations!

  • Open studios, recent works and work in progress.  
  • Continuous artist video screening programme on each location.  
  • Salon Sale exhibition with works by Level Five members for sale to support the cooperative.  (Van Meyel – Rue Van Meyelstraat 49, 1080 Molenbeek)
  • A bar at the end of the route! (X – Rue Gabrielle Petitstraat 4-6, 1080 Molenbeek)

 The suggested route brings you along the following addresses:

  1. Van Volxem Avenue Van Volxemlaan 380, 1190 Forest / Vorst
  2. Van Meyel Rue Van Meyelstraat 49, 1080 Molenbeek
  3. X Rue Gabrielle Petitstraat 4-6, 1080 Molenbeek (Gosset site)

 The route can be done by foot, bike, scooter and/or public transport.

Andres Rump, Chloe Malcotti, Dries Segers, Engagement, Eitan Efrat & Sirah Foighel, Florence Cheval, Jannis Marwitz, Joachim Robbrecht, Marco Lampis, Nele Vereecken, Radek Szlaga, Sara Dziri, Anouchka Oler, Bas Blaasse, Batsheva Ross, Benno Steinegger, Bianca Baldi, Christiane Blattmann, David Bernstein, Elies Vaer, Emma van der Put, Felix Kalmenson, Francesca Grilli, Graham Kelly, Helen Dowling, Karolien Chromiak, Kevin Gallagher, Kianoosh Motallebi, Lola Daels, Olaf Winkler, Paoletta Holst, Perri Mackenzie, Philip Janssens, Piero Bisello, Sabrina Seifried, Sophia Holst, Stefanie Salzmann, Timmy van Zoelen, Winona, Alasdair Asmussen Doyle, Aline Forcain, Melandros, Bas van den Hout, Bavo Olbrechts, Bieke Buckinx, Cathrina Lee, Claudio Panto, Delphine Deguislage, Doris Boerman, Doris Hademan, Edith Bories, Elke Van Der Kele, Gerlinde Van Pluymbroek, Helene Petit, Ines Neto dos Santos, Ines Thora, Ingo Brosch, Izabela Czarna, Jolien Naeyaert, Karel De Cock, Kit Agar, Laura Muyldermans, Leonhard Münch, Marie Schoberleitner, Marjolein Schepers, Melanie Matthieu, Michiel Geluykens, Augusto Pedraza, Rachel Bacon, Rob Ritzen, Sevarine Heizman, Sophie Fitze, Stephanie Lamoline, Veerle Melis, Xavier Garcia Bardon, Yvan Rochette, ...

Open Studios is an initiative of Level Five in collaboration with  UFO and is supported by  Kunstwerkt, in the framework of  Atelier in Beeld.
We also want to thank the VGC and the HISK for making available a space for those members currently without a studio. 

THE Salon SALE SHOW --- 28/4-15/5/2022 at LEVEL FIVE VAN MEYEL 

We are excited to be back with an exhibition of art works, editions, books and a workshop — which you can buy or take part in, supporting not only the artists, but also the non-profit collective of Level Five which will receive half of the income. With your purchase, you enable us to pay a small compensation to those who work continuously to maintain our collective infrastructure. Our studio cooperative provides a place for more than 90 artists/initiatives to work and build community in Brussels.
The show takes place at one of our three new locations, in Rue van Meyelstraat 49 next to the Tour & Taxis area in Brussels

With works by:

 Antonia Brown / Delphine Deguislage / Bianca Baldi / Dries Segers / Cathrina Lee / Sophia Holst / Emma van der Put / Stefanie Salzmann / Marie Schoberleitner / Bavo Olbrechts / Dirk Reimes / Sophie Fitze / Natasja Mabesoone / Stephanie Lamoline / Karolien Chromiak / Rachel Bacon / Bas van den Hout / David Bernstein / Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat / Timmy van Zoelen / Maud Gourdon / Karel De Cock / Christiane Blattmann / Stefanie Salzmann / Batheva Ross / Izabela Czarna / Veerle Melis / Leonhard Münch / Sabrina Seifried / Zinaide Tchelidze / D-E-A-L / Anouchka Oler Nussbaum / Laura Muyldermans / Olaf Winkler / Philip Janssens / Marjolein Schepers / Doris Boerman / and more to come...

Rue van Meyelstraat 49, 1080 Molenbeek

Opening day: Thursday, 28 April  4 -11 pm

Exhibition: 29 April - 15 May

Wednesday - Saturday, 2 - 7 pm 

Visit by appointment: [email protected]


Galerie Benhadj+Djilali: 'USEFUL OBJECTS'

Noch vor der Eröffnung der aktuellen Ausstellung 'Useful Objects' der Galerie Benhadj&Djilali in der Villa Heike in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen besuchte uns dort [email protected] und produzierte eine online zugängliche 360Grad 3D Tour. Oben einzelne Stills der Tour; die gesamte 3D Tour ist zugänglich auf DEEDS.NEWS 
Die Ausstellung ist noch bis zum 6. Dezember 2021 zu sehen; Kontaktdaten im unten stehenden Beitrag. 


Objekte Zeichnungen Malereien

Als erste Schau an ihrem neuen Standort zeigt die Galerie Benhadj&Djilali im November die Solo-Ausstellung

Olaf Winkler: Useful Objects
Objekte, Zeichnungen und Malereien

im eindrucksvollen Raum der Villa Heike in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen.
Eröffnung: 13. November 2021
Dauer der Ausstellung bis 6. Dezember 2021
Galerie Benhadj&Djilali
Villa Heike,  Freienwalder Str. 17, 13055 Berlin

Talks AT architecture Film Festival Brussels - 9+10 SEPT '21

On 9 and 10 September the first edition of the Architecture Film Festival in Brussels will take place at Recyclart: two evenings of screenings and conversations around Brussels and its built environment. The AFF,  supported by, is organized by City3 with specific engagement by Rob Ritzen; the programme has been compiled by Emma van der Put and Ingel Vaikla. I am happy to have been asked by Emma, Ingel and Rob to do the introductory talks on both evenings, exploring the curators' approach and fascinating aspects around film, architecture, the city, and Brussels specifically.
Doors open on both evenings at 19.30h, start of evening at 20.30h, at Recyclart, Brussels.
Further info  

THE Salon SALE SHOW --- 21/3-11/4/2021 at LEVEL FIVE 

 We are excited to finally present an in-person exhibition of art works, editions, books, and poems — which you can buy, supporting not only the artists, but also the non-profit collective of Level Five which will receive half of the income. With your purchase, you enable us to pay a small compensation to those who work continuously to maintain our collective infrastructure. Our studio cooperative provides a place for more than 80 artists/initiatives to work and build community in Brussels.

With works by:

Kevin Gallagher / Sandra Lakicevic / Bianca Baldi / Dries Segers / Sophia Holst / Jannis Marwitz / Emma van der Put / Ištvan Išt Huzjan / Hadrien Gerenton / Bas van den Hout / Pieter Geenen / Abby Banks / David Bernstein / Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat / Timmy van Zoelen / Maud Gourdon / Christiane Blattmann / Perri Mackenzie / Stefanie Salzmann / Helen Dowling / Marlie Mul / Batheva Ross / Izabela Czarna / Marco Lampis / Dirk Reimes / Lola Daels / Ingo Bosch / Natasja Mabesoone / Felix Rapp / Veerle Melis / Joelle Laederach | Wang Consulting / D-E-A-L / Milena Desse / Markus von Platen / Anouchka Oler / Laura Muyldermans / Olaf Winkler / Aleksandra Chaushova / Philip Janssens / Rob Ritzen / and more to come...

In order to keep everyone's visit safe, we kindly ask you to wear a mask. Please book a time slot for the opening day here.
For a visit during the regular opening hours, please RSVP to [email protected]

Opening day: Sunday, 21 March  2 - 7 pm
Exhibition: 22 March - 11 April

Wednesday - Saturday 2 - 7 pm

Paul Devaux straat 3 Rue Paul Devaux, 1000 Brussels 

Interview on Radio Level Five - now online

While approaching our Open Studios at Level Five Artistic Ecology, Brussels, we started a conversation series - Level Five artists interviewing Level Five artists. Well... unfortunately we had to cancel the Open Studios due to Corona (now planned for May 9, 2021), but the Radio series continues... -
As one of these soundpieces by Radio Level Five, Bas van den Hout and Eitan Efrat talked with me about my work. Now online via the link on the image above or here.
In addition, via the link you will also find several talks with other Level Five artists.

SORRY! Level FIVE - open Studios POSTPONED AGAIN... OUR OPEN STUDIOS were planned as part of a Flemish initiative which has been Postponed... so the following post is not valid anymore... More News when we know more!


To ensure safety for all and to follow Covid measures, we will still announce a website where you can register for a visit. Please check again!

Level Five is an artist run cooperative studio floor located just steps from the Beurs/Bourse right in the centre of Brussels. On the fifth level, about 75 artist share a floor which houses individual and shared studios, a shared desk area, a shared kitchen, and common spaces.

During the Open Studios, the artists of Level Five will present their work in the surroundings of production instead of the usual gallery space.

We will be happy to welcome you!
You will find myself in my studio (506b) or at the Salon Sale exhibition on the same floor.

Level Five

Paul Devaux straat 3 Rue Paul Devaux
1000 Brussels

Level Five - Artistic Ecology

29 April 2020    Brussels: CHANGE THE CHANNEL, BRIDGE THE GAP?

Archined Virtual Lunch Walk - Join us live via Zoom

Few people know that Brussels has a canal running right through its centre. Even fewer dare to cross it. Today, the main artery of industrial prosperity in the 19th century is primarily regarded as the border between a touristically booming downtown and the social complexity of Molenbeek. All the more reason why this very line has lately become a focal point of city planning and a test case for urban diversity with an impact on the capital as a whole. While a new overarching Canal Plan has been developed for this heterogeneous zone, it is of course interesting to look at specific projects to see how they define spatial changes and urban opportunities and how they affect the balance of social groups and cultures. How is the city dealing with gentrification at different scales and from different local perspectives? What role has been attributed to culture, industry and green zones? And what has been the impact of the ʻarchitectural answersʼ implemented up to now?

For the second time, will give me the opportunity to do a virtual live tour. This time we will move through a Brussels in transition, following the central stretch of the canal: from the huge, transformed Tour&Taxis site near the port to smaller architectural schemes, from inconspicuous social interventions to refurbished industrial buildings and new parks reflecting todayʼs ideas about urban space.

Archined Virtual Lunch Walk, language: English
Wednesday, 29 April 2020
Welcome: 12.00h
Start tour at: 12.15h, ends 13.00h.
Sign up by sending an email to [email protected] You will then receive a link and a password. Please sign up before noon on Wednesday 29 April.

15 April 2020    Antwerp: new spaces, new urbanity? 

Archined Virtual Lunch Walk - Join us live via Zoom

In recent years Antwerp has been reinventing itself. In addition to small architectural interventions, complete new neighbourhoods are emerging. Illustrative of this are the areas in the former docklands. With today’s port activity having moved further north, the old docks and the neighbouring railway grounds are an example of historical infrastructure with urban potential. The specific characteristics of the changes here are defined not by homogeneity but by a numerous interventions that vary in style, scale and social impact. 

I am happy that will give me the opportunity to do a virtual live tour in which, like on a real tour, we can explore a bit of Antwerp’s history, present and future. 

The tour, focusing on architecture and public spaces alike, will take us from Antwerp-Centraal to Park Spoor Noord and further around the old docks. On the way we pass some of Antwerp’s most high-profile projects of recent years, as well as some that received little attention but that nonetheless determine the surrounding urban quality.

Archined Virtual Lunch Walk, language: English
Wednesday, 15 April 2020
Welcome: 12.00h
Start tour at: 12.15h, ends 13.00h
Sign up by sending an email to [email protected]. You will then receive a link and a password to join the tour via Zoom. Please sign up before noon on Wednesday 15 April.

7 March 2020    aN Architecturhetorical intervention 

at the opening of 'Façadomy' by Jasmin Werner, Damien & the Love Guru Gallery, BXL

On Saturday, 7 march, the exhibition Façadomy with new works by Cologne-based artist Jasmin Werner will open at Damien & the Love Guru Gallery in Brussels.  On the occasion of the exhibition, Jasmin Werner invited me to do an architecturhetorical intervention in the gallery spaces, i.e. a guided tour on façadism and the architectural objects recurring in her works. 
We will be happy to see you at the opening!

Opening: 18-21h
Architecturhetorical intervention: 19h
Damien & the Love Guru Gallery
 Rue de Tamines 19, 1060 Saint-Gilles/Brussels

UPDATE 17 march:
Thanks to all who joined us at the opening!
If the situation will allow it, we are planning to have two more interventions in april.
(Will be updated.)

In the meanwhile, feel free to listen to the recorded version of the guided tour
via the gallery's soundcloud

In addition, a pdf with photos of the works and all links to the tour can be downloaded via the gallery website

27 sept 2019    Interview with Adrian Luz 

at the exhibition 'One Day Berlin', Gallery Benhadj+Djilali, Berlin

12 2019 - In Berlin, the exhibition One Day Berlin by Mexican-US-American artist Adrian Luz, curated by Yasmine Benhadj-Djilali, just finished at Gallery Benhadj+Djilali. For one year the gallery space had become a museum in which Luz constructed an installation reflecting on the notion of borders and walls like the one already existing between the US and Mexico. During this year, various artists used the space for interventions. Since the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the installation has been cut into pieces which are sold to finance a follow-up project at the Mexican-American border in Tijuana. 

On invitation by Gallery Benhadj+Djilali I discussed the project with Adrian Luz on-site, parts of which can be watched on youtube:

Excerpt 1 of the interview: LINK
Excerpt 2 of the interview: LINK
Excerpt 3 of the interview: LINK

If you wish to buy a piece of the Berlin installation, supporting the follow-up project at the US-Mexican wall in Tijuana, here is a link to the project website One Day We Will Dance Again.